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Project Pandora – will you live?

Project Pandora – will you live?


You have come far, you and your team of survivors. Now here you are, where it all started, where it could have ended. Where it will end – if only you are brave enough, if only you are clever enough to put the pieces together of Doctor Maria Thanatos’ final work: an end to the infection she accidentally unleashed upon the world.

Yet nothing is ever easy, as you have no doubt discovered on your journey to this almost forgotten laboratory, and the lab itself will be no different – for there with you will be the final test-subject, its chains weakened by the unrelenting strength of the living dead.

It is there, then, in your hands that the fate of the few remaining members of humanity lays. Unarmed and faced with the gnashing teeth and grasping hands of a hungry infected you must piece together the puzzle left by Dr Thanatos who, while already secretive, was driven mad by guilt and grief.

Only you can save humanity!