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Tick Tock Unlock Leeds

Tick Tock Unlock was the first escape game company to open in Leeds and West Yorkshire. It has gone on to achieve raving reviews because of our passion for pushing the boundaries of immersion.

Join us as we once again change Escape Rooms industry with our UK’s first multi-genre, multi-world experience that is unlike any one-theme old style escape room!

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Maximum venue capacity: 46

Experiences available

The Library of Broken Books

The Library of Broken Books is a collection of multi-genre, multi-world, action-packed adventure, inspired by our previous escape rooms, which can be experienced by you and your friends, family or colleagues.


While carrying some inspiration from traditional escape games, the Library is truly unique. You will not be confined to one room or theme for an hour, and you no longer have to worry about picking the right theme in a one-theme old-style escape room. Instead, your hour-long experience will be spent entering multiple different, exciting books, and taking part in competitive puzzles and challenges. The goal is not to escape, but to collect as many magical keys as possible, in order to fix the book, and earn a place on our leaderboard. Think of it as a big and best mix of Immersive Theatre, Escape Games, and Adventure Game shows!


From the moment you enter the Library, we will be transporting you to an incredibly immersive world as you experience our Fantasy and Adventure genres. You’ll be finding clues, solving puzzles and collecting magical keys. Enjoy an unmatched variety of challenges and stories in one visit!


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Number of players per game: 3 - 24

Number of players per game: 3 - 24

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Unknown Vacancy

Tick Tock Unlock are proud to bring a sequel immersive theatre event this Halloween after our highly acclaimed 2018 event ‘Unknown Reservation’. Minimum group size is 2 players and the maximum is 8 players. £25pp. Experience lasts 60 minutes.


Something evil is rising this Halloween season in Leeds.

Deep within the old underground bank vaults, a door that should have remained closed has opened. Summon your bravest friends, explore the underground, and unlock the mysteries of ‘Unknown Vacancy’. But beware, the closer you get to the truth, the more dangerous the night will become.

Please note that we have 8 available tickets per slot so this may not be a private experience for you and your team.

Number of players per game: 4 - 8

Number of players per game: 4 - 8

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Great time had by all!

[Library of Broken Books] Experienced their new concept for the first time today and really enjoyed it! The staff were great and really helpful. The new location is in a great place and well designed and layed out. I don’t want to give anything away so a simple: highly recommend from me !


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[Library of Broken Books] Lovely staff and a wonderful experience!! Had a lot of fun trying to complete the rooms and it’s well worth it!


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Amazing experience!!

[Library of Broken Books] We were a group of 9 with differing ages and abilities and absolutely loved it! Everything was to an incredibly high standard and all rooms were very different. The staff were fantastic and themes were brilliant. Couldn’t recommend it more!


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£20Per Person

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6-7 Park Row,

Tick Tock has its own entrance on Park Row.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Leeds venue wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, the part of the building we are currently in is not wheelchair accessible. We are however looking to introduce experiences that will be wheelchair accessible in a different part of the building.

Is the experience suitable for corporate or special events?

The Library of Broken Books is the perfect experience for such events. Experience is designed in a way to encourage teamwork, communication and problem-solving. And unlike traditional escape rooms, you are not stuck in one-theme escape rooms but in fact will be going through multi-genre, multi-world experience collecting magical keys. This unique experience allows larger groups to share the same stories and challenges while competing to see which team has collected the most keys!

Can we bring more players than booked on the day?

You can bring more players on the day up to max. of 5 for each Library of Broken Books booking. You can have multiple bookings for the Library of Broken Books at the same time so we can usually accommodate group changes. Simply let us know in advance so we can check and send you a payment link before your start time.

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