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New Format for Escape Rooms

New Format for Escape Rooms


What are escape games and escape rooms?

Escape games generally tend to have a fixed amount of time for you to solve a series of puzzles in order to “escape” from that escape room. These puzzles can be tackled in parallel, individually, or as a combination of both. What defines the first-generation experiences are:

  • Pick a theme for your booking;
  • Room might have sub-rooms to provide some visual variety within the theme, or to introduce that element of discovery but it limits the types of puzzles and variety to certain types and themes.
  • Needs to be solvable for the majority of people because the constraint is escaping within a certain time. Since it needs to be both solvable for the majority while ensuring people spend max. amount of time in the room, it leads to what are known as complex holding puzzles. These hold people up until the game master provides the hints.
  • Gamemasters guide the groups by providing hints so the game master must ensure they are watching the game and hint appropriately, or it makes for a poor experience. This also means that there is no fair comparison in difficulty unless there are no hints provided.

Library of Broken Books – Ultimate Escape Room

Library of Broken Books is a new innovation in the escape room market. It is a collection of multigenre, multiworld, actionpacked adventures, inspired by our previous escape games. What distinguishes it from the first-generation experiences is:

  • Our escape room experience means going through multiple themes in a single visit. These are fully themed, highly immersive environments with various ‘big’ puzzles. You get the variety and diversity of visual, mechanical, auditory, and electrical elements in each of the puzzles across multiple themes.
  • Goal is to collect as many magical keys as you can rather than escaping. Some keys are rare and some are common. This means you don’t need to be held up waiting for the game master to provide a hint when appropriate. And it also means you can compete with friends, colleagues and family members to see who can collect the most keys while ensuring it is a fair comparison!
  • Our game masters can focus on immersive theatre. While there is no denying that first-gen experiences where game master provides a hint at the right moment is very satisfying, the fact is that they also either hint too soon or too late. This can be frustrating! We just want to ensure that everyone is deeply immersive and having a great time.

Advantages of our escape game?

Our new format escape room has many advantages, including the ability to try new puzzles, collect keys, and experience different themes in one visit. What really sets it apart is that you can experience it all together in one go! 

With first-gen experiences, you can only book that single-themed room for an hour sequentially. With us, just like game shows, you can experience all of the amazing stories together in that hour! You can then compare your haul of keys, discuss your strategies, and just have an amazing time.

Why us?

The Library of Broken Books is the perfect place to test your escape room skills. You want that variety in themes and puzzles. You also want to enjoy it with your family, friends and colleagues, and tailor it to how you want it. Maybe you like tougher challenges and want to focus on gold keys, which are incredibly rare or mix your approach with some tactical wins. Maybe you prefer physical puzzles or logical ones. This variety and diversity mean there is something for everyone. It reflects the customers that we have served since launching in 2014 as the first escape game company in Yorkshire.