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Frequently asked questions

Most of the common questions we get should be accessible below. If you have any further questions or query, please get in touch using the details for the location that applies to you.


General Questions

What is an escape game?

Tick Tock escape games are a fun activity for groups of friends, colleagues and families where they must work together to find clues and solve puzzles to escape from a room within a certain period of time.

Who can come for the Tick Tock Unlock experience?

Tick Tock Unlock experience is about having an amazing time, and we create games so everyone can come, especially families, and enjoy the Tick Tock Unlock experience.

Do you have something to eat/drink at the venue?

We do not provide any food or drinks at the premise. If you email us, we can send you a list of some amazing local restaurants that can cater for large groups. We may even have exclusive discounts, but let’s keep that a secret. 😉

What is the difference between the games?

We work incredibly hard to create unique puzzles and the environment to provide all our customers with a wide variety of fun experiences.

How long does the experience last?

We recommend that you allow an hour and twenty minutes for the experience. This gives us time to take you through the pre-game brief and post-game discussion and pictures.

How difficult is the escape game?

Tick Tock Unlock experiences are challenging but always fun. We also provide hints and clues to guide all our players through the game.

I am claustrophobic, will I be able to play?

We don’t see why not. The rooms are average sized. Also note, players can leave the escape room at any point should they need to. If you have any specific requirements, please do get in touch. We try to accommodate our clients’ needs as much as possible.

What is the recommended number of players per team?

We recommend a minimum of 3 players and maximum of 6. We find that this makes for the most enjoyable experience – teams of 2 players may find the game quite difficult and over 6 players can feel too crowded.

…but what if I really want to play as team of 2?

We would advise against 2 players simply because the game becomes too difficult and it can spoil the fun. However, if you are really up for the challenge and willing to pay for the minimum group size of three then we are happy to book a room for you. We will also try our best to make it an enjoyable experience.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, the minimum age is 9 years old accompanied with adults and 15 years for groups without adults. The main reason for an age limit is because of the complexity of the game as children under 9 may find the clues and puzzles confusing. There is no upper age limit, as the game has no physical demands.



How do I contact you regarding bookings?

All our bookings are made online and any requests regarding bookings must be sent through an email so we can track the conversation.

Can I book more than one game at a time?

In order to book multiple games, simply find the time for which all game rooms are available and then add one of the slots to the cart. You can then click on ‘Select another item’ to continue adding other slots.

Can we cancel our booking?

We only allow cancellation if you provide us with a notice 14 days before the booking date as these are live events. There is also a £7.5 charge to process the refund. These policies are subject to change at our discretion and not an automatic right. Please see our main T&Cs page for absolute terms.

Can we reschedule our booking?

You can reschedule a booking once, free of charge, provided you give us a minimum notice of 7 days from the booking date as these are live events. These policies are subject to change at our discretion and not an automatic right. Please see our main T&Cs page for absolute terms.

One of our bookings is at a different time; can we start at the same time?

Come to the venue at the same time, and we will try and get you started together if it is one big group.

What if we’re running late on the day?

Please don’t be late!  Let us know straight away. However, do note that, depending on the venue, we can’t allow games to go ahead (with sadly no refund) if you arrive later than 10 minutes, as it would have a rolling impact on all of our bookings for the day.

Can we bring more players than booked on the day?

You can bring more players on the day up to max. allowed for the game you’ve booked. Simply let us know in advance so you can pay beforehand using our online system.

How can I book?

To reserve a room, use our simple and easy booking page. If you have any questions or booking queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Corporate & Parties

Is the experience suitable for corporate or special occasions?

Yes. All our games are focused around puzzles and designed in a way to encourage teamwork, communication and problem solving. We have provided successful team-building experiences to a wide range of companies.

Is the experience suitable for Stag/Hen parties?

Yes. All our games are focused around puzzles and designed in a way to encourage teamwork, communication and problem solving. We arrange birthday and stag/hen parties at all our venues.

I want to arrange a birthday party for my child and her friends, is the experience suitable?

We have arranged many birthday parties for our younger customers and have game masters that have worked at Disney, for example. Simply drop us an email and we’ll help arrange a wonderful experience.




Is the Liverpool venue wheelchair accessible?

Liverpool venue is wheelchair accessible and has appropriate toilet facilities as well.

Are there any accessibility issues to the escape game?

If you have any questions around suitability of a particular game, then please do get in touch and we’ll try our best to accommodate any request.

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