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Frequently asked questions

Most of the common questions we get should be accessible below. If you have any further questions or query, please get in touch using the details for the location that applies to you.


General Questions

What is the difference between one theme escape game and the Library?

Traditional escape games have always been about escaping from a singularly themed escape room(s) within 60 minutes. The Library of Broken Books is a multi-genre, multi-world action-packed adventure where our librarians will lead you through a variety of different, exciting stories in one visit. You will not be confined to one escape game or theme for an hour. Your goal is to collect as many magical keys as you can, and to earn a place on our leaderboard. Think of it as a big and best mix of Immersive Theatre, Escape Games, and Adventure Game shows!

Who can come for the Tick Tock Unlock experience?

Tick Tock Unlock experience is about having an amazing time, and we create these worlds so everyone can come, especially families, and create unforgettable memories!

How long does the experience last?

We recommend that you allow at least an hour for the experience.

How difficult is the escape game?

The Library of Broken Books is an exciting, fun multi-genre, multi-world experience. The Library is our new format and is a hybrid of Escape Games, Immersive Theatre and Game Shows.

Unlike traditional escape games, you don’t have to worry about difficulty levels. With us, you’ll experience various stories and challenges, each containing a multitude of different yet exciting puzzles and challenges. If you find yourself stuck on one challenge, unlike old-style escape rooms, your progress will not be immediately halted! There is always something else to explore.

I am claustrophobic, will I be able to play?

Yes! You are never locked into a room at the Library, and may exit at any time. All experience spaces have high ceilings. If you have any specific requirements or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What is the recommended number of players per team?

Our Librarians recommend teams with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 per team. The Library of Broken Books can accommodate larger groups, split into multiple teams, across the venue and competing against each other at the same time… all in the name of fun of course! 

…but what if I really want to play as team of 2?

Please get in contact with us and we can check with our Librarians to see what they have available.



How do I contact you regarding bookings?

All of our bookings are made online. If you need to make a large group booking, require assistance or have any questions, then please drop us an email at beattheclock@ticktockunlock.com

For immediate or urgent assistance we can also be reached by phone at 020 3884 2224

Can we cancel our booking?

As this is a live event we require at least 14 days’ notice before the booking date for cancellation. Our tickets are non-refundable so if this is the case, we can provide you with a voucher available to use within 18 months.

Can we reschedule our booking?

You can reschedule a booking once, free of charge, provided you give us a minimum notice of 7 days from the booking date as Library of Broken Books is a live event.

These policies are subject to change at our discretion and do not grant an automatic right. Please see our main T&Cs page for absolute terms.

What if we’re running late on the day?

Please don’t be late!  Librarians are known to be quite strict on time and, well, we call the books in the Library of Broken Books broken for a reason. And that means the Librarians must guide you through the stories at the precise times!

Can we bring more players than booked on the day?

You can bring more players on the day up to max. of 5 for each Library of Broken Books booking. You can have multiple bookings for the Library of Broken Books at the same time so we can usually accommodate group changes. Simply let us know in advance so we can check and send you a payment link before your start time.

How can I book?

To reserve a slot, use our simple and easy booking page. Please note you can make multiple bookings for the Library of Broken Books for the same timeslot. Add booking to the basket and add others before checkout. If you have any questions or booking queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Corporate & Parties

Is the experience suitable for corporate or special events?

The Library of Broken Books is the perfect experience for such events. Experience is designed in a way to encourage teamwork, communication and problem-solving. And unlike traditional escape rooms, you are not stuck in one-theme escape rooms but in fact will be going through multi-genre, multi-world experience collecting magical keys. This unique experience allows larger groups to share the same stories and challenges while competing to see which team has collected the most keys!

Is the experience suitable for Stag/Hen parties?

The Library of Broken Books is the perfect experience for Stag/Hen parties. Unlike traditional escape rooms, you are not stuck in one-theme escape rooms but instead traversing multiple, exciting stories and collecting magical keys. This unique experience allows larger groups to share the same stories and challenges while competing to see which team has collected the most keys!

I want to arrange a birthday party for my child and her friends, is the experience suitable?

We have arranged many birthday parties for our younger customers and some of our librarians at the Library of Broken Books have even worked at Disney. Simply drop us an email and we’ll help arrange a wonderful experience. Librarians do request that an adult is present at the venue during the experience.




Is the Leeds venue wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, the part of the building we are currently in is not wheelchair accessible. We are however looking to introduce experiences that will be wheelchair accessible in a different part of the building.

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